About Vigilante Major Subdivision


Lot prices will start at $73,000. We aim to keep lot prices on as affordable of a scale as we can.

We have builders we can recommend. However, the lot purchaser is free to bring in his or her own builder.

Yes! There will be HOA and Covenants present. We are currently discussing our per month fees for HOA. There will also be an Architectural Committee made up of lot owners.

Our estimated groundbreaking for houses will be May-June of 2020. So far we are on track!

No wells to drill and no sewer tanks to pump. All services are included in the lot price!

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Vigilante Estates Property Lot Overview

About Jerry Kittson

Jerry Kittson is a land developer with several years of experience under his belt in the real estate world. He is one of the co-founders of the Vigilante Major Subdivision and loves bringing people to new opportunities and closer to achieving their goals of owning their dream home! Jerry is excited to talk with anyone interested in the new subdivision and will be happy to answer any questions that may rise!

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